| Paul K. – Homeowner

In July 2015, my wife and I purchased a beautiful, newly built home in Santa Monica, California. Pacific Cove Development built the home, a Southern California based developer of homes and commercial buildings. The President of the company is Steve Lappin.

The overall construction and finish of our home was excellent and the attention to detail on almost every item was thoughtful in both design and construction. In addition, Pacific Cove Development provided us a professionally bound book of all materials, specifications and vendors that were used during the construction of the home so that we could use it as a reference should it ever be needed. Steve made himself available to us personally when we purchased the house to ensure we were happy with all details and when items needed attention, he would ensure they were properly addressed and that were were happy.

Having worked in commercial real estate myself for 26 years, I know that even in new build projects of any asset class, things need fixing or replacement. That was certainly the case with our new home, although infrequently. When it did happen however, I was particularly impressed with the professionalism that Steve Lappin and his team extended to us whenever we had items that came up that needed attention. Steve would always relentlessly and personally follow up. Now after more than three years and although under no obligation to do so, Steve Lappin and his staff (in particular Chris Dara) still take my calls and provide help whenever needed.

We love our home in Santa Monica and are very happy with our purchase. We would purchase another home built by Pacific Cove Development.

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